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REALLY GOOD REALLY VIBING. it's like coffee talk, which i played on nintendo switch. i've had this on my wishlist for a while, and if you're unsure of whether or not to buy it, just do it. worth every penny!!!


Does anyone know where to find the 2014 version of the prolouge? The link above just loops me to even when I download the app.


Did you ever find it? I'm here now with the same problem.

Yes I did. Check the VA-11 HALL-A reddit and look for posts by "Its2la84me". Thats my handle.


One of the best visual novels I ever player, good story, charming characters and gorgeous aesthetics.

My review in spanish:

Hi there, I purchased this many months ago and I still cannot find my steam key. Please help.


You should be able to get your steam key on your purchase page. Check your account and click on download for the game. Tell us if you have any issues. Thanks

It works! Thank you so much.

What's the best way to buy the game? I want to support you with as big of a cut as possible!


Well, my understanding is that developers get to choose what cut they get from sales made here, while Steam and GOG supposedly take ~30% of the profit(I don't think either distributor has officially disclosed this information, though, so don't quote me on that).

I don't know what the fine print is on games like this that include Steam keys or what percentage the devs chose, but you essentially get a backup copy buying here, so if nothing else that's nice.

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Why doesn't this game save when it says it saved on Vita?  Doesn't seem to save until some nebulous moment after saving.  This is the kind of thing that will kill any interest I had in playing a game.


Reminence of SNATCHER


Saw this game on sale in Steam. Seems like a good past time after playing other games.

Hell nah!

This game is eating my time now!


I bought VA-11 Hall-A about two years ago and finally i got the Steam key but it says it's duplicate. What can i do?

I also sent email to you two weeks ago but got no answer :\

Really cool game btw. and would like to get Steam version also! :]

(this is my second post and i have tried to email you for three times now also)

Hi. Just tried it on Windows but when I enable fullscreen everything is just black. Any idea how to disable it? I tried deleting the options.ini but this did not fix it.

Fullscreen toggle is the Enter key. Haven't run into your problem. Good luck with it though and hope its fixed by now.


On day 1, Sei comes in. She asks for a sweet drink, then for a classy drink, so I make a Brandtini, a sweet classy drink. Then she asks for a Brandtini, again - no reaction that it's the exact same drink she just got.


I'm pretty sure I purchased this game, but I can't seem to find the site with the download/proof that I did..

I remember when it was free.... good game though! :)


Dudes, I had one idea from another game. I know, you already heard it all but please just read this:

Cyberpunk Taxi.

Same world, different characters, same amazing OST blasting trough the radio.

Get people to their destination, make usual clients, see the crime, justice, corruption all in the first hand. Dive a little more in that beautiful world you guys created, with a totally new gameplay with more of the same comfy atmosphere.

A little ride in the rain with your client telling you just to drive...

Choices in detours and destinations around beautiful marks the city has...

Coffe/smoke breaks by the lake...

Ps. I hereby give any rights I had about this story to anyone who wants to make it real.

you, sir, are a genius. i will promise you if i go into game dev, this will be made.

What´s up guys. A fellow CRIOLLO here. When you plannin´ to get done a translated version... You guys need to expand. Here in home we are waitin´for it.

Excuse me. Is there a way to listen to Va11-Halla ost without converting each one of the game's songs to mp3?

Play them with VLC if you're on a desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux). Other players, such as foobar2000 and Winamp, may play them with a codec pack or plugin. They're encoded in Ogg Vorbis, which is the defacto "open source" lossy audio codec.

On an Android device, pretty much any music player, including Google Play Music, should work. On Windows Phone, get VLC. On iOS ... I dunno, I've never owned an iPhone. Conversion is probably the only way unless you're jailbroken.

foobar2000 has a mobile version that apparently is available on all the mobile stores including ios, as another option.


hey guys i just finished VA-11 Hall-A and absolutely loved it. I was wondering are there any plans for more games or expansions onto the Va-11 Hall-A world? and do yall take donations? feel like what yalll deserve more for this geem then what you would get from my humble bundle purchase


I'm glad that this game made to the Overwhelmingly Positive Humble Bundle as the game left me very satisfied. While the gameplay isn't difficult or really engaging in terms of difficulty (the only comparison I can draw to is Paper's, Please), it is an efficient vehicle for the story. The lack of challenge may disappoint people (even myself at times), but I liked that I didn't have to struggle too much to get to the story which.

The story, art, and characters were great and I really dug the vibe of the universe. Don't wanna make this long winded but the game was pretty good and wanted to get some random thoughts out there.

This is the most amazing thing ever!!

I bought the game on here, will we get steam versions? Thanks.

Check under your downloads for the game under "My Collections". There should be a code for a steam key or a way to claim a code for said steam key.

Source: Me double checking my own purchase.

I greatly enjoyed this game. The characters and story were excellent. Will you be doing another story with these characters or in this setting? I would love to have more!

Could you export the demo to mac please?


So I'm having somethin of a unique problem here. I've had the issue before, actually, with another game. When I try to launch the version of this game...Steam launches. It launches, and takes me to the store page of the game. I had this issue long ago with the game Risk of Rain, which was fixed with an update. I never heard what caused it, however.

Any ideas of what the issue is?

Hi. Any chance the Prologue (and OST) will make it to Steam somehow? I bought the Steam version before I found out that this was available here. I want to play the prologue game (and listen to the music), but I think paying the full $15 is a little redundant :(

Had a blast with the game!


I bought VA-11 Hall-A about year ago and finally i got the Steam key but it says it's duplicate. What can i do?

I also sent email to you two weeks ago but got no answer :\

Really cool game btw. and would like to get Steam version also! :]

I love this game so far. Lovely we have access to a prologue (which I have yet to check out) and ost. I watched the first parts of it on YouTube but could not resist wanting to play this myself. Im very glad I decided to buy this, and I especially lovvvveeeee that it is in the same reality as ROM! :-)


I can't run the game on Linux. I'm getting a core dump from a floating point exception.

Any hope for having a demo version for MacOSX?


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The art is mindblowing, as well as my favorite style of pixel art.

The story has depth and the characters are unique. I love playing this game while relaxing and listening to some chill techno.

The soundtrack makes me drool, all the music is unique and pleasing to the ears.

I really look forward to more titles from these developers. The art style, writing, and music fit together so perfectly. I know I couldn't resist buying another game with their names behind it; Can't wait for more games from Sukeban Studio!


Great game dudes! Best buy of the year

I purchased the game during the early period and was promised a Steam key. Trying to get a hold of the developer, but so far have been unsuccessful. Anyone have an idea how to get a hold of them to get my Steam key?

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Do this to get key:
Screenshot instructions img1, img2

Awesome! It worked now. This was added recently, right? I could swear I looked there last week when the game went live on Steam...

It was there at least three days before it went live on steam. That's when I got my key.

That is so bizarre, it was literally the first place I went to look.

Must have been distracted, I guess. In any case, it was fully redeemed now.

It really is a great game isn't it? Don't forget to check their soundtrack out!


Wonderful game with a lot of nostalgic callbacks to being bathed in a warm glow from a CRT playing policenauts on my Sega Saturn. Great job!

Mac version of the game says the game is damaged and must be moved to trash. Any way to fix this?


You're going to need to disable OSX gatekeeper to play it since it's not signed. You can also try running it from the app

Loving it so far (runs on Linux without issues), but is there a way for the game to remember the fullscreen setting? It always starts up in windowed mode.


Good job SUKEBAN GAMES. You tried your best and achieved the 100% result.


素敵なゲーム (♥‿♥)

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