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Taking care of business today in a new Cinnamon Synonym episode where I play a very interesting indie game called Sales Pitch! 


This was a neat little game. We really enjoyed voicing the characters, as well as the minimalistic colouring. We managed to make a video of us playing, too!

i loved this genuinely

the art was charming and the dialogue was really natural!

i must've played it over a hundred times!!!!!

An interesting game. I enjoyed trying the different combinations!

I wrote some more about it in my blog:

Sales Pitch is a fun little game that I enjoyed perusing through. The different outcomes of the game make you want to keep playing and explore each scenario. The dialogue and writing are also pretty damn funny which makes for more than a few laughs.

Obviously this being a gamejam game, there isn't a ton of depth but for an indie game that was made in 10 hours, it's really impressive and definitely worth a try for any indie gamer.

I made a Let's Play of Sales Pitch so I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think!